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Do you work well with others?

You know that achieving big goals requires innovation, creativity, and maybe most importantly - teamwork. Success hinges on your ability to bring people together.

Even with the best laid plans, you know how it often feels like a never-ending uphill battle to get people engaged, aligned, working closely together, and towards a common goal.

Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia says:

“Alex Hillman and the team at Indy Hall are true leaders within Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial community, helping establish this city as an emerging hub for innovators, founders and creators. If you’re looking to build a community, these are the folks to learn from.”

Maybe you’ve heard that good culture and collaboration is critical for engagement, recruitment, and innovation, but you’re struggling to take the steps to build the culture you want.

Perhaps you’re learning about the benefits and trends of coworking, but you’re not sure if it’s more than a fad. And if it’s not a fad, what can you learn from the global coworking movement? Hint: coworking spaces are just the tip of the iceberg.

Or when you compare your local community to other tech and innovation communities around the world, you can’t help but feel a little bit behind. You want a more vibrant community, but resources and support are scarce.

I’ve been there. Feeling alone and frustrated is tough, and it’s even worse when there’s no end in sight. Thankfully, I’ve found my way and enjoy the results of my work every day.

I can help you avoid pitfalls, work smarter, and get to enjoying the results of your work sooner.

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Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Alex. I have two goals: to help you get ahead of the curve of coworking, and to improve the way you work with others.

Alex Hillman The truth is that I started my career as a web developer, first at agencies and eventually as a freelancer. After a few months on my own I realized that I was missing something about my old job. I loved having the freedom and flexibilty to choose what I worked on, and who I worked with, but I missed being a part of a team.

I missed sharing experiences with coworkers. I missed being challenged and challenging others. I missed engaging with new ideas. In truth, I was lonely.

Rather than sit idle and frustrated, I decided to channel that loneliness into finding & building the community that became Indy Hall, which I then grew into one of the first and longest standing coworking spaces in 2006/2007, several years before coworking reached “global trend” status.

Indy Hall cured my loneliness (and continues to cure the lonliness of its’ hundreds of members every month), but it did something else that I wasn’t expecting: Indy Hall turned into a living laboratory for finding the most effective ways people work together.

As a result, the last several years have taught me lifetimes worth of lessons about communities, leadership, collaboration, teamwork, culture, & more.

I love sharing these lessons, but more importantly, I love celebrating the successes of those who have learned from me or who have experienced the results of my work.

Annie Lin, Global Education Program Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation

“A lot of what I do is building, managing, and empowering both online and offline communities across different countries. Alex’s resources have been full of useful ideas and best practices. Across the board what I found really useful is how grounded they are in real experiences.

Chris Messina, Google+ Designer & Platform team, Hashtag inventor says:

“Alex is one of the primary reasons that the coworking community exists & has grown into a thriving, global phenomenon. His contagious enthusiasm infuses others with the courage and drive to participate. Indy Hall serves as the model for what a successful community looks like.”

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Finally, I really like getting to know people before I work with them (one of the many success patterns that Indy Hall has taught me), so please consider drop me an email to tell me something about yourself, your organization, or whatever you’d like to share.

Cheers to better work, together!


p.s. I’m stoked to be filling up my fall schedule with awesome events around the world. You can check out my latest itinerary, maybe I’ll visit near you!